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How to Quickly Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is quite a dangerous physiological event which could cause stroke or other chronic health diseases. This is usually characterized by the increase of blood pressure to a threshold of 140/90. Due to it being life threatening, it is imperative for an individual to decrease it to a benign or better yet, negligible level.

Lowering blood pressure can be done naturally through exercise, healthy diet or through several medications such as the prescription drug, captoril. These preventive measures although effective, require long term adherence and in the case for medications, can cause side effects. What if you are hit with high blood pressure at this moment? You will surely not have the time to react and do all these things. Luckily, there are some quick and easy measures which can be done to quickly reduce blood pressure.

The first thing that you should do, and probably the easiest among these measures, is to simply breathe. Not heavy breathing, but relaxed and slow breathing. According to Dr. John M. Kennedy, a cardiologist in California, it is preferably done by sitting in a comfortable chair with armrests. Place one hand on your chest and watch your hand rise and fall with each breath. This method decreases stress hormones that induce renin, an enzyme that raises blood pressure.

Another measure that can be easily done is to go outside in a sunny day. According to research, sunlight can alter the levels of nitric oxide in the skin and blood and would In turn reduce blood pressure. Nitric oxide is responsible for lowering blood vessel tone.

Lastly, when high blood pressure is caused by stress, listening to relaxing tunes may improve not only emotional well-being but also lower blood pressure. It was found out in a study published in the Netherland Heart Journal that one can lower blood pressure by listening to music. This is due to the somatosensory nerve activity helping the autonomic nervous system. Classical music is a good preference in lowering blood pressure.

These measures are certified to lower your blood pressure in times when you need it to but to ultimately eliminate high blood pressure, you need to do more than just that. It is always preferred to live a healthy lifestyle such as engaging in exercise and proper diet as these will surely create long term effects on your health.

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