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How to Motivate Young Diabetics?

Diabetes disease is a plague that affects approximately 15,000 children every year. Because of this more and more children are suffering from diabetes, which can disrupt the conduct of their regular lives. The key to motivating young diabetics is to achieve a sense of self-efficacy or confidence among them so that that can attain self-care especially relating to their food choices.

The first step for motivating young diabetics is to inform them of their disease, which makes them vulnerable to other sickness. However, it should be clear that their disease is not a weakness that can cripple them. They simply needed to be extra careful in looking after their health.

Building intrinsic motivation is the most important approach to motivate young diabetics. This is achieved by encouraging self-initiative. Through this, the young diabetic is allowed absolute control of their lives. The greatest hindrance to motivating children is when they sense that their lives are being controlled.

There are different intrinsic motivation techniques. The first common technique is by giving the young diabetic with choices. Choices empower them to have control of their lives. Having no choice means lacking control. Young diabetics should be given choices in every aspect of their diabetic management such as the use of pen or syringe for instance. Let them choose which insulin delivery they would prefer.

Young diabetics should be engage in solving their problems particularly in managing their diabetes. This is facilitated by allowing the child to check their own blood sugar levels among others, cooking their own food among others. They should actively take part in solving their own problems to foster a sense of control of their lives.

Finally, parents and guardians should support the young diabetic by affirming their initiative. This can be achieved by giving them simple rewards like a tap on the back, a gift or any other incentive in order to reinforce their initiative.

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