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How to lose Puson

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One of the body area that is quite difficult to lose is the puson or the belly. This is very much true for both men and women. Sometimes, no matter what diet a person does, the belly stays protruded. Here are ways to lose one’s belly.

Diet apparently is a must when losing body weight one’s puson. And the most obvious way to diet is to reduce food intake. Instead of indulging in food, one should avoid overeating. Another way to diet is eat fibrous food particularly fruits and vegetables. Fibrous foods are not only good for overall metabolism. It also keeps a person full without the fear of accumulating fats.

Supplementing your fiber diet is the avoidance of fattening foods such sweets and sodas. Sweets are not necessarily fattening but tend to tempt people to consume more. Sodas on the other hand contain ingredients that are fattening. Instead of your daily soda habit, one should indulge in drinking the sassy water. Human beings are 70% constituted of water. Thus replacing that water is the best way to detoxify oneself and cleanse the body of chemicals.

While diet reduces one’s weight generally, it is proper exercise that will essentially reduce one’s puson or belly. The most obvious way to lose one’s puson is to engage in abdominal exercise such as sit ups which directly tone abdominal muscles. However, regular jogging or running can actually reduce your abdominal fats in the long term.

Diet and exercise apparently goes together to achieve a beautiful body. However, what is commonly left out is the need to get sufficient sleep. Getting sufficient sleep and rest allows one to engage in exercise at a more intense level as well as engage in other important measures to lose one’s belly fat. Those who lack sufficient sleep tend to gain weight and become obese because lack of sleep reduces the leptin, which suppresses the appetite. Corollary to this, it is important to free oneself from stress so that one can achieve sleep. A body that is stressed tends to release adrenaline, cortisol and insulin which essentially makes one feel hungry.

Finally, a good posture is one way to effective to reduce your belly fat. Standing up straight will for one straighten your abdmominal and back muscles and allows one to tuck in the muscles better to make the puson look thinner.

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