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Holiday Gift Ideas for Diabetics

Light up the holiday season of diabetics by giving them gifts that promote good health and provide them encouragement. Here are some presents that would surely bring them Yuletide cheer.

Blood Glucose Meter
Any diabetic patient would appreciate an upgrade of his/her existing blood glucose meter. The advanced features of newer meters allow patients with diabetes to test blood sugar levels faster, with smaller samples and on several different sites.

Travel Packages
Give the gift of travel to an important person in your life. Pre-paid plane tickets and hotel reservations in a special city or resort will always be welcome. Giving the gift of relaxation may help decrease stress levels as well as aid blood circulation which may help prevent nerve damage in diabetics.

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
For the techie diabetic, a good PDA or handheld personal computer with digital calendars could help remind the patient when to take his/her medication. Taking these on time would help lessen the risk of fluctuating blood sugar levels. These gadgets could also take note of regular check-up dates with their physician.

Exercise Machines
Exercising to work towards an ideal body weight is a must for diabetics, and exercise machines are always something to be thankful for. Just make sure that you get the right hardware for the appropriate workout.

Household Chores
Take a few hours to help a loved one lessen his/her household chores. Lending a hand shows someone you care this holiday season. Helping someone do their chores is also a great way to burn those holiday calories!

Concert Tickets
The gift of music is a joy indeed. Send tickets to the symphony, the opera, a rock concert, or to a jazz festival. Get comfortable seats and treat your loved one to watch his/her favorite musical act this Christmas season.

Donate money to your friend’s favorite charity in his/ her name and enclose that notice with a small gift or holiday card. Having the feeling of giving joy to others would also mean happiness for your loved one.

The Gift of Time
There is no better way of saying “I love you and want you to live a long life” than to share good health. Take time to walk with your loved one or even perform exercises together. Nothing helps better than affecting his/her lifestyle by influencing him/her to do the right thing. It would mean a lot for patients to have family members share the load to help ease the burden on their backs. Take time out to get involved and you will find it rewarding.

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