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High Tech Sugar Monitor

Posted on March 18, 2022 | No Comments on High Tech Sugar Monitor

Diabetics who need to continuously monitor their sugar levels are increasingly getting high-tech help from devices that provide not only blood sugar readings but also information on when and how much insulin a patient needs.

Continuous glucose monitoring systems are devices that help those with diabetes test their blood sugar levels continuously and inform the patient when and how much insulin is needed. It also shows whether his glucose level is rising or falling, and gives a picture of how fluctuations occur around the clock. This allows the patient to anticipate changes in blood sugar levels and helps him decide how to adjust his insulin doses to correct for them.

Clinical trials have shown that the new monitors increase by 26 percent the amount of time each day that a patient’s blood sugar levels are in the normal range and reduce long-term high sugar levels.

Researchers are now focused on developing in the future a three-part device that includes an insulin pump, an accurate and reliable continuous glucose monitor and a computerized formula that will take the monitoring data and give information on how much insulin to give.

Ultimately, researchers also dream of an artificial pancreas, a device that can be implanted in the body that would measure glucose from the blood and deliver the right amount of insulin back into the bloodstream. As of now, continuous glucose monitoring systems like the Medtronic MiniMed system, a combination of insulin pump and glucose monitor, has been helping many diabetics take better control of their sugar levels.

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