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Herbal Medicines for Cleansing Kidney

Kidney cleansing is usually undertaken by people who are prone to kidney stones. Cleaning the kidney is however important to everyone in order to prevent bacterial infections and remove toxin build-ups that can lead to different illnesses.

While there are plenty of herbal medicines to cleanse the kidney, the most basic way to facilitate cleansing is by regularly drinking six to eight glasses of water every day, which will increase the need to urinate through which toxins are flushed. Instead of drinking water, drinking lemonade improves the flushing of toxins because of its citrate contents which directly help prevent stone formation. Drinking tea is another alternative to water in cleansing the kidney.

In particular, green tea which is common in China and India contains the polyphenols antioxidants that fight against free radicals. It also helps in protecting liver damages from alcohol. Ginger tea is another herbal cleansing diet for kidneys. It contains natural antioxidant compounds that cleanse and purifies the blood and kidney. Coconut juice or buko juice is another natural herbal cleansing juice for the kidneys.

Other important herbal medicines for cleansing the kidneys included Turmeric which is rich in antiseptic properties, dandelion leaves, a diuretic which promotes urination, Nettle which help treat urinary tract infections and contributes in blood building, Parsley tea, which helps in flushing kidneys toxins, Marshmallow root and Juniper.

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