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Herbal cure for Proteinuria

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Proteinuria is a disease characterized by having large amounts of protein that build up in the urine due to renal failure because the kidneys are unable to effectively filter the blood. The filtering slits of the glomeruli in the kidneys are damaged hence are unable to filter properly thus large amounts of protein appear in the urine. If this condition happens, symptoms included bubbly urine, and swelling around patient’s eyes, abdomen, or feet.

Fortunately, there are natural herbal cures for Proteinuria in renal failure. Note that this treats Proteinuria but not the kidney damage. Among this herbal treatment are as follows:

Astragalus membranaceus or propinquus, a flowering plant in the family Fabaceae from China which help to significantly reduce proteinuria.

Cistanche, a worldwide genus of holoparasitic desert plants that lack chlorophyll and obtain nutrients and water from the host plants whose roots they parasitize. This Chinese herb help patients with Chronic Kidney Disease.

Bindi or Tribulus terrestris Bindii, an annual plant in the Caltrop Family widely distributed around the world, that is adapted to grow in dry climate locations and an invasive species in North America, but can assist to improve the renal function and the flow of the urine.

Other herbs that proves helpful in treating proteinuria included goldenrod, cranberry, bearberry and corn silk. These herbs also help lower blood pressure which in turn helps in controlling the worsening of worsen kidney condition and proteinuria. In line with this, other herbs that can help against high blood pressure included garlic, ginseng, mistletoe, nutmeg and hyssop, which also supplements in controlling proteinuria.

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