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Herbal Cure for Fungal Infection

Fungal infection is infection caused by a fungus as opposed to bacteria such as athlete’s foot, Candida, or jock itch are often cause by unhealthy hygiene and weak immune system which allowed fungi to thrive in said areas. An infected area is easily diagnosed by simple visual examination. Affected area is often reddish and itchy. Fungal infection often develops in areas such as in the groin area and toes, where it is warm, dark and humid, which are exactly the necessary ingredients for fungi to survive and thrive.

There are effective herbal cures for fungal infection. The no. 1 herbal cure for fungal infection is garlic, which has strong antifungal abilities. One can opt to chew and swallow the garlic or include it in your daily dish. Some people would rub the garlic juice on affected area two to four times a day. However, the smell of the garlic may not be too pleasing hence taking it a food supplement would be more advisable.

Another effectively proven cure for fungal infection is Tea tree oil. In which case, tea tree oil is simply applied on affected area at least once a day. To apply, one should clean the infected area first and ensure that it is dry. Unless there are signs of allergic reaction, one can apply the oil until desired results are obtained. Fortunately, tea tree oil is already commercially available in the Philippines in most leading organic herbal medicine outlets in leading department stores.

Finally, the dandelion root tea is another effective natural treatment for fungal infection. One can simply soak the infected area in dandelion root tea with vinegar and warm water and let it stay for 30 minutes once a day. In time, the infection will dry up.

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