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Herbal Cure for Diabetes

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A herbal cure for diabetes is an alternative way for treating and managing diabetes especially among Filipinos because primarily of the expensive cost for managing diabetes as well as the fact that medical science have never discovered a cure for the disease. Some herbalists contend that since diabetes basically developed out of nutrition imbalance, an herbal method will help in balancing the nutrition needs of the body which would hopefully reverse the diabetes. Following are the top herbal cure for diabetes.

Bitter Melon – topping the list of herbal cures for diabetes is ampalaya especially the ampalaya leaves which contains insulin like substances that help in reducing blood surage levels. Taking ampalaya supplements regularly is believed to cure diabetes in the long term.

Fig Leaves – Fig leaves or the leaves of “Igos” tree have anti-diabetic properties especially found in the fig leaf extract. This is usually prepared as a tea for drinking by boiling the leaves.

Cinnamon – Cinnamon had been studied as a treatment of diabetes and have been proven to reduce blood glucose levels, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

Grape seed Extract – The grape seed extract has been proven to protect liver cells and building defense mechanisms against harmful oxygen species generated by hyperglycemic conditions.

Avocado Seeds – making a tea out of grilled avocado seeds is believed to have cured diabetes.

Eating raw fruits and vegetables regularly – The most common herbal cure many Filipinos use to fight diabetes is by eating raw fruits (especially bananas and apples) and vegetables (ampalaya and paco). By eating the vegetables raw and fresh, the body is able to utilize all the nutrients that one’s body needs to recover and attain the nutritional imbalances.

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