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Herbal Cure for Cholecytitis

Cholecytitis is an inflammation of the gall bladder. It is due to the blockage of the cystic duct. Usually, what causes the obstruction is a gallstone (calculous cholecytitis). The inflammation may be sterile or bacterial, while the obstruction can be acalulous or due to sludge. Although, it is believed that the inflammation is more of a consequence and not the cause of cholecytitis.

Gall stone congestion may be difficult, for when a stone is stuck in the gall bladder exit tube, the patient will feel severe pain that can occur in waves. There are a lot of treatments available for cholecytitis, from antibiotics to fight infection to pain medication and also a procedure called cholecystectomy wherein the gall bladder is being removed. However, one doesn’t really need to spend a lot of money for synthetic medicines and undergo a painful surgery. There are a lot of alternative ways to cure cholecytitis – herbal medicines that when taken daily for a few months, can remove even the biggest gall stones.

Black seed oil. This is known to be the most effective herbal remedy for cholecytitis. The patient is recommended to take two teaspoon daily on the onset and move it up to one and a half dessert spoons over a period of a few weeks until one to two months. Black seed oil may cause highly loose stools in the beginning but can certainly provide the desired cleansing effect.

Chicory. The roots, seeds and flowers of chicory can be ground and the patient can drink them as a juice. This juice is highly efficient for the liver and other organs in the body that is associated with secreting the bile. It recommended for the patient undergoing cholecytitis to drink chicory juice everyday.

Hemp. This is also a highly efficient herbal cure for cholecytitis. The patient is recommended to add at least two dessert spoons of hemp in his or her daily diet for cholecytitis treatment.

Olive Oil. Unrefined and raw natural olive oil has also been proven one of the most effective natural remedies for cholecytitis. The patient should take approximately 30 ml of olive oil upon waking up in the morning, and he or she may choose to follow it up with 100 lm of lemon juice or grapefruit juice, which is also known to be herbal remedies for cholecytitis as well.

You don’t always need to spend lots of money to cure a certain disease, when in fact, the remedy is just right in the comfort of your home.

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