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Helping Patients Cope with Diabetes

Diabetes is a life altering disease that can be depressing to people, which can contribute in worsening one’s condition. It is therefore important for relatives and friends to help a loved one cope with diabetes.

There are three factors that one needs to have in coping with diabetes namely knowledge, skill and support. Knowledge pertains to the information or facts about diabetes including how it manifests in the body, how it’s treated and the necessary dietary and lifestyle measures needed to self-manage it. It is also worthwhile to note that while diabetes is so far incurable, a good lifestyle can help reverse its effects.

Skill on the other hand refers to the application of knowledge which included knowing and being able to put into action the knowledge about diabetes. This include learning the basic ways of monitoring blood sugar, ways to prevent complications, preparing the right meals for diabetic diet and adjusting to other lifestyle changes like refraining from indulging in food, parties, and unhealthy vices like binge drinking and smoking.

Finally, support mainly pertains to communication and presence. Communication embodies the provision of supporting words counselling and inspiration to fight off the disease. Presence is simply being there all the time for the diabetic person to give an ear to listen to the patient’s frustrations and disappointments, as well as share important moments as well as in giving a helping hand in adjusting to the lifestyle changes required by the disease.

Among the most common subjects to be communicated included the need to consistently check blood sugar, taking medications, eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, having regular medical checkups and refraining from vices. Incidentally, it would also help if one can enroll a diabetic patient to a diabetic group with which one can share information and relate with the members who equally suffer the same disease.

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