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Higher Heart Rate May Signal Diabetes

Having a higher-than-normal heart rate while at rest increases a middle-aged person’s risk of developing diabetes in later life, or even dying from the disease, said researchers in a study published in the medical journal Diabetes Care.

Study investigtors from the Northwestern University in Chicago noted that, “Heart rate is a simple-to-measure clinical tool that provides potentially useful information about an individuals’s metabolic health.”

To see if there is a connection between heart rate and diabetes and mortality from the disease, the research team examinded data from nearly 15,000 diabetes-free people, with age ranging from 35 to 64 years of age, whose resting heart rate was measured between 1967 and 1973 as part of the Chicago Heart Association Detection Project in Industry.

Study findings found that ofter the age of 65, 1,877 participants had diabetes-related hospital claims and 410 had death certificates mentioning diabetes. They also calculated that the likelihood of having diabetes increased by 10 percent for 12 beats-per minute increase in resting heart rate.

After considering an individual’s body mass index, resting heart rate still remained a significant risk factor for developing diabetes in later life for those aged 35 to 49 at the time thy were enrolled in the study.

“Our findings provide ruther evidence that higher heart rate is associated with adverse morbidity and mortality from a number of causes including diabetes,” researchers noted.

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