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Healthy Merienda for Diabetics

Food intake is a critical strategy in managing diabetes and eating small snacks frequently in between meals is one way to curb ones appetite and avoid eating heavy dinner especially during lunch and supper. For diabetics, it is important to avoid sugary foods for snacks or merienda. Thus, in eating snacks, it is important to eat anything that is sugar free whether is juice, ordinary mammon, cake, brownies, ensaymada or mousse cake. A choice of different sugarfree snacks can be bought from Goldilocks in most of its branches.

Eating peanuts such as Walnuts, pecans, peanuts, and cashews are a health merienda treat for diabetic persons. If possible, nuts should be boiled or greaseless and not fried. They are also a great source of protein. Whole Grain Crackers like Skyflakes, Fita, Graham crackers and Magic Flakes are also a great merienda alternative for diabetics. However, one should avoid sandwich crackers or chocolate crackers. Natural fruits are generally considered as great optional snacks for diabetics. Recommended fruits are apples, mangoes, and citrus fruits. They are also great sources of vitamins and minerals which are needed by diabetics to combat their disease. Fruits with high sugar content such as grapes and watermelons should however be avoided. Another great snack for meat loving diabetics is turkey and chicken sandwich because white meat is safe for diabetics. Other great alternative snacks for diabetics are: low-fat yogurt, cheese and other low fat and low sugar food.

While it is ok to eat in between meals and the alternative food snacks mentioned above, it is nevertheless further advised that all food should be taken in moderation. Anything too much is bad for your health especially if one is diabetic.

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