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Healthy Holloween Treats

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Halloween is one of the oldest holidays in the world. It is celebrated in many countries including the Philippines, where it is slowly becoming a popular event.

Halloween is remembered on the night of October 31. In Quezon, my home province, at around 7 pm on Halloween nights, a group of people with a guitar would knock on your doors and sing, asking for donations for the “unremembered souls”. The money that they gather would be used for the celebrationof the Holy Mass for the souls of the departed especially those who are no longer remembered by their families.

Through the years, traditions have been altered by social forces. Though some provinces still practice activities such as the solicitations for the departed souls, in the city, Halloween is for kids. It has become an anticipated event where kids can go around the neighborhood and ask for goodies.

Last year, my kids were invited to a Halloween Trick or Treat in a subdivision where a relative lives. My kids had a grand time wearing costumes of their favorite fairy tale characters and superheroes.

Some people celebrate this event with a costume party, a singing contest with the use of costumes of course, and some malls even hold scary costume contests.

However people look at this event, one thing is for sure, it is for kids and grown-ups to enjoy. For parents, I have some tips on how you could make this season meaningful, fun and healthy for your family.

  1. Do not forget to remind your children about the friends and relatives who are no longer with you. Remember them and offer a prayer for them with your kids.
  2. If your kids have activities or programs at school, support them. If they need a costume for their event, provide them. It doesn’t have to be new anyway. A pair of wings added to a nice dress for little girls will surely be a hit. For boys, a mask with a cape will always be popular. Add a basket of Jack 0′ Lantern or a broom for special effects.
  3. If you have toddlers, visit places that showcase Halloween activities. Just be sure you will not get your kids too close to scary masks and dresses. They might think it’s real.
  4. Since it is a holiday, make it a special time to bond with your family. Visit Lolo and Lola, Tito and Tita and the rest of the clan. I’m sure they would love to see you and the kids in their Halloween costumes.
  5. Prepare good healthy food for the family. It is the best time to show them you are still the best chef in town. Serve them their favorite dishes and add a personal touch by serving a new dish or a new healthy dessert. I am sure they will feel special.
  6. If the door rings for Trick or Treat, give something healthy instead of sugar loaded candies. A homebaked oatmeal cookie is a good alternative.

We should take advantage of holidays. It is a perfect time to spend with kids, spouses and family members who might think we are too busy for them. So go ahead and prepare. Good luck!

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