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Healthy Eating on a Tight Budget

Posted on December 30, 2019 | No Comments on Healthy Eating on a Tight Budget

Everyone is on a tight budget. Many people would like to try to have more savings from their salaries or receivables, to be able to allot just enough for what they need. But what are they saving for? A big house? A brand new car? Exotically branded clothes and shoes? Or for healthcare as they grow old? Investing in healthcare is a big burden. As they say, it is very costly to get sick. Can we really get away from being sick? Or can we really prevent additional costs in the future because of probable complications of our present disease/s?

Take for example if you have diabetes, there are at least two complications of longstanding, uncontrolled diabetes and these are retinopathy (i.e. blurring of vision) and kidney malfunction leading to dialysis. The common tendency of a diabetic is to cut his/her expenses on a mos evetyt i rig simply because he wants to assure himself of enough funds in the future in the event that diabetes complications set in.

The bad thing about being less costly in their daily expenses is that diabetics tend to let go of healthy foods that could help achieve better blood glucose for them or those that can really make their bodies healthy in the face of this sweet killer. When I was asked to write this article, I gave it a thought whether to create a meal plan for diabetics that is cheap but cannot meet the daily nutrients need of the diabetic because of its bulkiness and not-so enticing taste; or one that is expensive but appetizing, enticing and is nutrient dense to meet the nutrient needs of the diabetic.

It is so easy to say we should always prefer natural foods, but in this fast paced time, when people need to work doubly har to catch up with their high cost of living, cooking for one’s self aside from other family members is painstakingly difficult and time-consuming. Nevertheless you still have this option, take a look at the menu below for a simple diet meal plan for diabetics.

The individual recipe for each item on the menu is easy to cook for a small group. However, when quantity is required of a meal, we are seldom able to serve the right quantity for each family member. In some instances, either the broth is bloated to a volume that will easily make each member full or more vegetables instead of the main meat-ingredient are served. When we say our budget is tight, it does not necessarily mean that we have to spend less, we only need to spend wisely to avoid bigger expenses for healthcare in the future.

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