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Health Benefits of Tokwa

Posted on October 6, 2020 | No Comments on Health Benefits of Tokwa

Tokwa or tofu is a food prepared by curdling soybean milk. After extracting the juice of soybean used for Taho, the residual of the soybean is what is made as Tokwa. Tokwa is very popular in East Asia and had been used as an ingredient in different menus. And because it is primarily from soybean, it is rich in protein building minerals.

Aside from protein which is building blocks of life, tokwa has high among of selenium which is important for operations of the antioxidant system in our bodies for eradicating free radicals. This in turn helps in preventing diseases such as cancer, asthma, arthritis and heart disease. Tokwa also has Omega-3-fatty acid that assists in regulating heart palpitation, decreasing blood clotting in the arteries and enhances the proportion of good calories. The soy protein helps reduce total bad cholesterol levels and preventing diabetic heart disease. Tokwa is great source of iron in the blood hemoglobin for improving the transport oxygen throughout the body. It also has copper for removing free radicals produced within the mitochondria. It also has phytoestrogens, which especially helpful for women in easing the side effects associated with menopause. The calcium in tokwa assists in making our bones stronger and avoid osteoporosis and arthritic conditions.

Tokwa however has high contents of oxalate which can lead to heart problems and disrupts effective absorption of calcium. Some people are allergic to Tokwa hence people should primarily test one’s sensitivity or reaction to the food before consuming.

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