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Health Benefits of Tahong

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Tahong or mussels are common and widely available seafood in the Philippines which can be used in to make different types of dishes. Mussels are a type of clam with long and wedge shaped and usually harvested along the shoreline. The common edible mussels are blue mussels and green-lipped mussels. Tahong can be baked, fried, smoked, broiled or steamed. Meanwhile, freshwater mussels are often not eaten.

Tahong or Mussels are very nutritious sea food. It is a high protein food source with low fat content which makes it very healthy for figure conscious individuals. Compared to beef, it is high in protein but low in calories. Proteins are especially important for maintaining the function of every cell in the body especially in terms of providing structural support of cells. Mussels are also a rich source of selenium, an essential mineral which in turn helps support protein function. Sellenium among others help control thyroid hormone levels, support muscle function and facilitating sperm production. Mussels also contain a high amount of vitamin A for nourishing eyes, skin and immune system, and aids in the production of new red blood cells. Finally, mussels are also an excellent source of vitamin B12 which is important in the functioning of metabolism processes and a preventing fatigue and depression, as well as other symptoms.

The simplest yet the best way to prepare mussels is by steaming or boiling. However, while mussels may be nutritious and tasty, they are nevertheless prone to bacterial contamination. Dead mussels quickly rot and should not be eaten. Moreover, since, mussels an also college poisonous algae, it is also recommended to refrain from eating mussels especially when there is red tide alert.

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