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Health Benefits of Lemonsito

Posted on July 19, 2020 | 1 Comment on Health Benefits of Lemonsito

Lemonsito, Cotrofortunella mitis or more popularly known as calamansi is a citrus fruit that is grown in the Philippines in practically any type of soil and climate. The plant is shrub that usually starts to bear fruit after two years.

One calamansi fruit provides many nutrients including calories, protein, calcium, phosphorous, iron, and citric acid. It is especially known as a great source of vitamin C. Thus, the fruit is usually made into a juice using at least 8 fruits as a popular cleansing concoction for cleaning the body of toxins. In fact some health enthusiasts suggest that calamansi juice is perfect every morning and should be drank with an empty stomach. Apparently, this is not advisable for people who are acidic.

While drinking calamansi juice is beneficial, putting calamansi in soysauce or fish sauce is not the best way to consume calamansi. The sawsawan will only increase a person’s appetite to eat which is not advisable especially for adults.

Apart from its health benefits, calamansi also has medicinial uses. The fruit extract can be use to treat itching and insect bites. Calamansi juice also helps in loosening the phlegm for people suffering of dry cough. The fruit pulp helps treat skin fungal infections. Still others claim that the fruit extract help smoothen and whiten skin when rubbed on the skin particularly in dark areas such as underarms and bikini area because it helps lighten the skin. Thus, the calamansi fruit is definitely helpful in providing healthy benefits for the human body inside and out.

Because of the numerous health benefits of the calamansi, it is advised the people include the fruit in their organic backyard farm so that they can have a steady supply of the fruit all year round. After all, the fruit easily grows in the tropics and needs very minimal care apart from enough water and sunlight.

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