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Health Benefits of Fresh Lumpia

Lumpia in general are Chinese pastries comparable to popiah which involves placing different ingredients in a roll or wrapper, that is either served fresh or fried. In the Philipines, Lumpiyang sariwa or fresh spring rolls essentially a mix of different minced vegetables that is wrapped in the lumpia roll.

The ingredients for the lumpia differ to many people but it usually includes the following: string beans, carrots, native cabbage, potatoes, garlic, onion, ubod (heart of coconut palm) and lettuce. Some people also add some ground pork or flaked chicken or tokwa (bean curd), peas, turnip or even sesame seeds. All ingredients are basically cut in small pieces and are mixed together. The ground pork or tokwa will be fried first before being mixed with the vegetables. Once all ingredients are mixed and cooked for a few minutes. Parts of mixtures will be wrapped an egg crepe or a lumpia wrapper or even a lettuce leaf and is ready to be eaten. Sometimes, the soy sauce of the lumpia makes the difference in taste. A typical sauce is created by mixing dark soy sauce, minced fresh garlic, water, cornstarch and sugar. Some people add ground peanuts as well.

Because of the diversity of the ingredients used for making the lumpia, the health benefits derived from lumpia would also differ depending on the ingredients used. For one, because it is mainly vegetables, the food is definitely rich in fiber, vitamins A, B and C and other minerals. The menu is also rich in protein because of the pork, the tokwa and the peanuts. Fresh Lumpia is a very healthy food because the vegetables remain fresh and its natural nutrients are maintained. Moreover, since it is fibrous, it normally does not entail eating with rice, which is commonly done by Filipinos. One lumpia is heavy enough to serve as one meal. It is great for people on a diet as well as diabetics.

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