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Health Benefits of Eating Tikoy

Tikoy, also known as Nian gao is the traditional pudding cake that is a delicacy that is served during the Chinese New. This pudding cake is also commonly given by Chinese in the belief that people giving the said pudding cake will receive fortune for the coming year. Tikoy is essentially made of glutinous rice flour, wheat starch, sugar, salt and water. It is made by combing all these ingredients and steaming it. Tikoy is traditionally eaten as is or by frying it.

Based on its ingredients, carbohydrates is the major health benefit that can be derived from eating tikoy, to wit, carbohydrates that comes from the rice flour, wheat and sugar. Tikoy therefore is a major source of energy. For diabetics, tikoy should be eaten in moderation because the carbohydrates from sugar, rice flour and wheat starch are highly processed grain foods which can easily be turned into glucose that can directly contribute to blood sugar levels.

Another common way of preparing tikoy is by frying the pudding slices and dipping them in beaten egg. In which case, additional nutritional benefits are provided by the egg. However, the oil used for frying the tikoy may also be saturated fat which should be taken in moderation.

There are a variety of ways on how to serve tikoy. Some people prepare tikoy in springroll wraps and adds special fruits like banana, jack fruit or apples. In which case, the additional fruits can add additional nutritional benefits to those who eat them.

Lately, tikoy also comes in different flavors like mongo, ube and pandan, among others. These flavorings are only artificial flavorings and do not really provide any additional health benefits to tikoy. However, the flavors allow cooks to further expand and experiment on the different flavors of tikoy making it flexible in adding other ingredients to help make the food healthier.

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