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Goulash for Diabetics

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Goulash is a soup or stew of meat usually beef with noodles and vegetables and seasoned with paprika and other spices, which originated from Hungary. Goulash was derived from “gulyas” which means “herd of cattle” or “herdsman”. The dish was traditionally made by the “herdsman” in Hungary. Today, Goulash has different variations. There is the classic European Tex-Mex Goulash, All American Skillet Goulash, Baked Goulash and even the Drunken Beef Goulash which uses beer instead of water. What makes Goulash unique is the use of paprika which is basically powdered chili or sili.

Diabetics are allowed to eat Goulash in moderation. What is important is that the patient should closely watch the carb intake in eating the meals. A serving of Goulash has approximately 34 grams of carbs and 340 calories. A diabetic patient must have 150-250 grams of carbohydrate per day. Thus, one to two servings of goulash would be sufficient considering that one still have dinners and meals for the day. However not all goulash are the same. Some goulashes which have pasta are high in carbs. In which case, diabetic patients should avoid eating too much pasta in the goulash. However, one can eat the goulash stew. What is important is one should keep on eye on the total carbs that one intakes in the total number of servings for the day.

There is no single type of goulash. To make a goulash more diabetic friendly, one can focus on meat and in putting vegetables that are not starchy such as broccoli and lettuce. Avoid goulash that has lots of pasta.

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