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Go Vegan! Yummy and Healthy Eating

Why don’t you go vegan?”

People who consider meat as a part of their daily diet would cringe with horror at that suggestion. It’s a common perception that vegetable dishes are so bland and boring that going healthy is actually a pain.

Chiqui Mabanta, owner of the Corner Tree Café proves this wrong. “Corner Tree Café is a vegetarian restaurant that aims for more exciting ways to eating vegetables,” says Chiqui.

Corner Tree Café is a two-year-old restaurant found at the corner of Jupiter and Saturn Streets in Makati. It’s a one storey café with an interior design resembling a cozy home. It also sits beside a towering Narra tree that adds to the warm and friendly atmosphere. This is the perfect place for those who are looking for a refuge in the rough urban jungle of Metro Manila.

The restaurant goes all organic and healthy on the ingredients. Instead of using iodized salt, white flour, or white sugar, they use healthier alternatives that aren’t filled with chemicals and toxins.

Chiqui said that her inspiration to set up this restaurant is her desire to eat at a restaurant where food is healthy and delicious at the same time.

Despite being in the business for only two years, the public immediately opened up to the idea of trying out vegan dishes. Chiqui believes that the reason for this is because Filipinos were looking for something else. Restaurants that promote healthy eating are almost zero to none in shopping malls. Looking for a different food experience, Filipinos are now ready for this kind of food.

She agrees that her restaurant has taken a large part in the food revolution among Filipinos, where healthy lifestyle and eating are now welcomed by quite a number from the public. With her restaurant, more and more people are nowable to realize that vegetarian and healthy dishes can also be delicious.

“You are what you eat,” advices Chiqui. Start eating healthy now and get a start on leading a healthy lifestyle, than wait for a doctor to list what to eat and what not to.

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