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Glutathione safe for Diabetics?

Glutathione is a substance found in plant and animal tissues that has many functions in a cell. These include activating certain enzymes and destroying toxic chemicals and compounds that contain oxygen. The health food industry promotes oral glutathione as a very efficient antioxidant to be used against a whole range of diseases.

Research suggests, however, that glutathione is not orally bioactive, and that very little of oral glutathione tablets or capsules is actually absorbed by the body. Moreover, a meta-analysis in the Journal of American Medical Association concluded that some antioxidant supplements may actually prove to be more harmful than beneficial.

The theory behind skin whitening is that glutathione inhibits the function of tyrosinase, which plays an important role in the biosynthesis of melanin, which gives skin its pigmentation. Since glutathione is not a regulated drug and is marketed as a health supplement, there is very limited scientific data on its safety especially for the diabetic population.

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