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Glutathione Safe for Diabetes?

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Also known as GSH or Glute for short, Glutathione is a protein substance formed by combining three amino acids: cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine, which is naturally produced by our body for maintaining the electrochemical balance in many cells by neutralizing free radicals and eradicating toxins.

In the Philippines, a Glutathione craze has suddenly propped up in the early 2000 because of the supposedly side effect of this substance to make skin look fairer or whiter and even younger. Thus, the synthetic glutathione has posted itself as the quest for the fountain of beauty and youth.

Among diabetics, the natural glutathione levels in the body are low, which makes them vulnerable to oxidative stress. Taking glutathione therefore is very helpful to diabetic patients to improve their defense against oxidative stress, enhance the ability of the body to eliminate free radicals and antioxidants that could otherwise result to cellular damage and the progress of insulin resistance or diabetes mellitus.

Thus, Glutathione is safe and is in fact recommended to protect diabetics from complications of this metabolic disease. The substance basically reinforces the body’s antioxidant system allowing the body to fight the disease better and prevent complications such as development of eye cataracts, heart disease, stroke, and kidney diseases.

Is glutathione safe for diabetes? It is not only safe but it is also highly recommended for combating the disease.

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