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Glucose Monitoring Tattoo

Posted on March 2, 2020 | No Comments on Glucose Monitoring Tattoo

Tattoos have largely been a means for artistic expression, but now may also serve a life-saving function.

Research is currently being done exploring how tattoos can be used to help monitor blood glucose levels for people with diabetes using what is called a Nano Ink Tattoo.

“They are taking particles called nano particles with a dye inside of them, and they’re inserted into a skin as would be a tattoo,” explained Texas Diabetes Institute Research Associate Curtiss Puckett.

Once inserted into the skin, ink would shift colors depending on the diabetic patient’s current blood sugar levels.

“The darker the color, the lower the sugar; the lighter the color the higher the sugar,” Puckett explains. He adds however the tattoo will only be visible when placed under a device that reveals its color.

This new technology aims to be an alternative but not a replacement for the standard glucose meter. Puckett further notes that it can never be as accurate as the meter. It only intends to make constant glucose monitoring more convenient and without the need to constantly prick fingers to draw blood for checking glucose levels. “The meter is tried and true. It’s a more accurate measure of sugar, and it’s a more reliable method,” he said.

The Nano Ink tattoo is not yet available in the market as it is still being finalized.

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