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Get Moving for a longer life free of Diabetes

Now you have another reason to keep yourself moving. Results of a new study found that people who are physically active live longer and enjoy more years free from diabetes than those who are inactive.

Findings are based from the data gathered in the Framingham Heart Study which followed some 5,200 individuals over the past 46 years. Differences in life expectancy associated with different levels of physical activity in subjects with and without diabetes were evaluated by researchers. It was found that moderately active individuals at the age of 50 have a 2.3 years longer life expectancy free of diabetes, and at least four years more for highly active individuals.

The study also found that life expectancy with diabetes is reduced by 0.5 years for moderately active people and 0.1 years less for highly active people compared to those without physical activity at all.
The study goes to show that physically active individuals have a lower incidence of developing diabetes, and lower death rates in those with diabetes. “If sedentary people could be stimulated to be at least moderately active, they could extend their lives and increase their life spent without diabetes,” researchers conclude.

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