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Fluorescein Angiography Test for Diabetics

Also known as Retinal photography and Eye angiography, Fluorescein angiography is basically an eye test that utilizes a special dye and camera device to create an image and observe at blood circulation flow in the retina and choroid, in the back of the eye. This test is usually performed to check if the blood circulation in the blood vessels in the retina and choroid are functioning smoothly in order to check eye treatments as well as to diagnose any problems in the eye.

When the blood vessels appear a normal in size and there are no blockages or leakages in blood circulation, this means that the eye is in good condition. On the other hand, a negative result of Fluorescein Angiography Test which means blockage or leakages are found, it means that blood flow circulation is not normal which could be a symptom of other more life threatening diseases such as cancer or tumors, diabetes, hypertension, Inflammation or edema or sight risks such as Macular degeneration which can lead to blindness, enlargement of capillaries in the retina and the optic disc swelling among others.

Fluorescein Angiography Test is performed by initially observing your normal eye in a special camera, which will take initial images of the eye. Once finished, a dye called fluorescein is injected to the patient’s elbow then the special camera once again takes pictures of the eye as the dye passes through the eye’s blood vessels. After the test, the patient’s vision will be blurred for about 12 hours. People with cataracts and pregnant are not advised to take the test. Moreover, a brief warm sensation is felt once the dye is injected, which will be flushed out of the body in a day or two. Allergic reactions to die are not common which is characterized by dizziness, increased salivation, heart rates and nausea among others.

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