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Fitness Tips for Busy Bodies

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We’ve heard it all before, isometric training, core strengthening, multi-lateral conditioning — the works! But such jargon just leaves you feeling overwhelmed and overloaded with information. So instead, you read thousands of fitness magazines, consult hundreds of experts, and dive into a diet/fitness program but still have yet to achieve the form and feel you want.

Another variable in the equation is the collection of alibis an individual comes up with: family occasions, previous commitments, depleted energy, too busy, or simply feeling lazy.And let’s not forget the ultimate excuse of all time —work (corporate lunches, skipped meals, sleepless nights, massive paper work, and other work-related activities).

No matter what job it is — talking for hours over the phone, hustling from one city to the other, or just parked in .2 an office chair — DO NOT let your job screw your mindset. Every job has its own fitness culprit.

Here’s how to evade those lowly excuses, stay in sharp form, and still get your job done.

  1. LOVE your job. It is no mystery that your mental, spiritual and emotional state are main contributors to boosting your well-being. Once you have established that intimate connection with your occupation, everything else will fall into place.
  2. PLAN your strategy. What is the use of working without a clear-cut plan for your career? Staying fit and healthy is no different. You must have a game plan. Whether you intend to slice your calorie intake, gain weight, or speed up your metabolism, it is a mistake to plunge into a diet or fitness program without an objective. Commit and execute.
  3. FEED your tummy. Let’s get a bit technical here.
    • It sounds like a broken record but “have breakfast!” It’s a routine that reminds your brain and your body to start metabolism. Without metabolism, you’ll be a heavyweight in no time. Two major studies published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition show that breakfast eaters not only feel better mentally and physically compared with those who skip breakfast, but they also tend to have a healthier lifestyle and are better at dealing with depression and emotional stress.
    • Have a cup of coffee and hydrate. In small doses, caffeine is a great mental alertness booster and even helps spike sexual potency. Meanwhile, breathing, talking, peeing, even just sitting down all use up the body’s water supply. Let your body dry up and your energy level will dry up as well.
    • Invest in vitamins and minerals. They function as metabolic regulators and have roles in energy production, growth, maintenance, and repair. Specifically, Join the B-Team. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports that many athletes and exercise buffs don’t get enough B vitamins. That’s bad, since Thiamine, B6, B12, and riboflavin are all necessary for the body’s production of energy. (Note that vitamins are not energy in itself).
    • Avoid Alcohol — prevents your body from entering REM sleep (the most restless sleep phase). So, even if you’re getting plenty of sleep each night, you may not be fully rested. According to Phyllis Zee, MD, PhD, a neurologist and director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Northwestern University, “Ongoing lack of sleep can slow your metabolism… also alters your brain’s ability to know when you’re starting to feel full while eating…” (Maybe that’s the reason for all those late-night feeding frenzies!)
    • Avoid Fast-Food Joints — study shows that a steady diet of away-from-home food can increase girth (waist) even if you don’t overeat. Make a mental note of the restaurants and fast food with the healthiest options.
  4. TRY OUT LITTLE OFFICE EXERCISES. When you sit in front of your computer the whole day, blood may pool at your feet and cause them to swell. It’s important that despite your hectic schedule,you should fit in a couple of stretching exercises.You can do that by putting daily supplies, like staplers, clips, etc., high up in a cabinet.This reduces the risk of getting swollen feet at the end of the day.
  5. GET CREATIVE IN THE OFFICE. When you’re busy and stressed in the office, you might get so tired at the end of the day, you’d feel lazy to hit the gym and exercise. Instead, be creative and plan out your own exercise regimen. Walk when you can and use the stairs instead of the elevator. These could greatly help in squeezing in little bits of time for exercise.You may equip yourself with stress balls or resistance bands that you may use during your rest period. Remember that any form of exercise you do within the day helps a lot! Being busy is not an excuse to leave out on health and fitness.
  6. EDUCATE (feed your mind). Believe it or not, everything is a science. From the movement of your pupils, to the flipping of the pages of this magazine using your phalanges, to your secretion in the john, all of it is science. What’s my point? Continue feeding your mind on the latest trends in health, science, nutrition, exercise programming, etc. If you’re tired or cannot afford to consult professionals, staying sharp in mind and body is the best weapon against a problem, ranging from poverty to an individual’s health and fitness goal.
  7. REWARD your achievement. After a long day of work, it is significant that you reinforce progress with incentives. Give yourself a treat once in awhile — probably a new pair of pants (for your new waistline) or a sleek pair of shoes — and avoid feeling deprived from the pleasures in life.

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