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First Joint Replacement Surgery Group in the Philippines

The first orthopedic joint replacement specialty group, dedicated to doing total joint replacement surgeries in the Philippines, recently opened their main clinic at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center. Called the Advanced Orthopedics for Joint Replacement, the premiere medical group composed of internationally trained joint reconstruction specialists has the highest combined experience in successful joint replacement surgery in the Philippines. Advanced Orthopedics for Joint Replacement (AOJR) was established to address and offer the best possible care to patients with arthritis and various other joint conditions.

“Our group was formed to provide patients in the Philippines with a team purely dedicated to the expert performance of joint replacement surgery. We want to offer the best possible care in this specialized area of orthopedics. We are committed to maintain the highest standards of educational advancements, since we realize the need to keep abreast of new medical technologies and developments. Therefore, our patients can be assured that our team of doctors will always be at the forefront of new orthopedic techniques and that each member of the joint replacement group will be able to meet a patients needs even if one member is away for training and education,” explains Dr. Jose Fernando Syquia, president of AOJR.

The AOJR team is trained internationally in the field of hip and knee reconstruction surgery at accredited and
highly recognized centers of Orthopedics in the world, such as: Stanford University Medical Center, and Louisville Institute for Joint Replacement in the US and Finders University in Australia. This premiere specialty group is composed of highly respected Orthopedic Surgeons and Joint Replacement Specialists in the Philippines—Dr. Benigno Agbayani, Jr., Dr. Rolando Angelo Ochoa, Dr. Paul San Pedro, and Dr. Jose Fernando Syquia.

Advanced Orthopedics for Joint Replacement’s main clinic is located at the 3rd floor, Room 376, Medical Arts Bldg. 3, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, and is open daily except Sundays, from 9am to 5pm. Satellite clinics of AOJR are also situated in the various tertiary hospitals in Metro Manila.

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  1. cristina Reply

    Hi I’m just wondering how much will it cost for my mom to go undergo a knee operation. She’s been suffering from knee problems like, inflammation, pain and difficulty walking.

  2. Oscar Lyndonn Reply

    I know these guys. Very credible and passionate about their job.

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