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Filipinos and Diabetes

Posted on June 4, 2020 | No Comments on Filipinos and Diabetes

In the Philippines, 4.1% of Filipinos have diabetes mellitus. In the present populations of the Filipinos, approximately 2.5% million of them have diabetes excluding the undiagnosed one. Diabetes is an illness of the insulin that produces cells in the pancreas of the body and of insulin itself. The illness when not treated will produce many complications. The diabetes mellitus complications may lead to blindness, kidney failure and gangrene of the extremities of the body. A person with diabetes is very susceptible to develop heart diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke and heart failure. Filipinos and diabetes are much related to each other.

In this generation of the 20th century, diabetes mellitus to Filipinos are very common now a day. Maybe because of the lifestyle that happens to be in pattern with our neighboring country. The fast food restaurants scattered around the area. Instead of getting the meal or cooking the food in the house, people prefer to eat outside because it is more convenient to eat out than to cook food in the house. In this way, people who are constantly eating in Fast food restaurants are susceptible in having diabetes.

Researcher says that one is not born with diabetes already, but, one is born with the tendency to develop it. In the Philippines, Filipinos who have diabetes are increasing in numbers. The number one factor or that triggers in having diabetes is having a weight gain. Obesity is one of them, and the increase in the body weight decreases the affectivity of insulin in different tissues. Another one that most Filipinos and diabetes are likely similar is that having many children, multiple pregnancies of the mother may be susceptible to develop diabetes. Especially after the third pregnancies, mixed emotions or different emotional stress may cause the presence of the disease. Others like medications, hormones and drugs may be an act against insulin to extract it less effectiveness and may also trigger the disease to appear and attack a person.

More than 2 million Filipinos suffer from the illness of diabetes mellitus, the majority of the population as well as the many victims themselves; don’t have the proper information or the knowledge about the deadly disease. Proper education for them should be given. Filipinos and diabetes can be control if having the formal and proper lectures to be given with them. They have to learn how to eat balance diet, correct exercise, continuous medications, and others self improvement or the proper caring of the body.

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