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Filipino Celebrities with Diabetes

According to studies, half a million Filipinos are suffering diabetes and another five million is at risk in contracting the disease. The occurrence of diabetes is so prevalent in the Philippines and it does not discriminate who it will strike. Even many famous Filipino personalities are victims of this deadly disease.

Topping the list of Filipino celebrities with diabetes is none other than Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano or Gary V. Gary V. is a famous musician whose dance and musical artistry and performance is likened with Michael Jackson. Because of Gary V’s successful life and unparalleled energy, doctors consider him as the healthiest diabetic as the singer continued to live a bountiful life despite having diabetes at young age.
Similarly, child actress Mona Louise Rey of GMA’s “Aso ni San Roque” is also a diabetic kid, whose been injecting her own insulin a very young age. Other celebrities who were able to live life in full while they their battle against the disease included Mike Enriquez, the famous news and television anchor and host and radio newscaster from GMA; Nadine Samonte, who is a famous young actress who is a product of GMA’s Star Struck Artista search project; Jaya, a famous R&B Filipino singer known as known as “Soul Diva” and “The Asia’s Queen of Soul”; Alma Moreno, a dramatic actress in 70’s and 80’s who became a politician; Marissa Sanchez, another singer actress comedian; comedian Sammy Lagmay, a Filipino comedian who is currently battling diabetes and April Boy Regino, the juke box king who is also hypertensive at the same time. Even famous politicians in our time are not exempted from the diabetic disease. Former Philippine senator and former secretary of the Department of Health, Dr. Juan Flavier suffers from diabetes. The same is true with the recently impeached chief Justice, Renato Corona, who was even controversial when he walked out of the court for discomforts with his sickness.

As a deadly disease, diabetes equally has its list of celebrities who succumbed due to complications of the disease. Jovito “Jovy” Salonga, a Filipino nationalist politician and a leading opposition leader against Marcos and the Martial law died of diabetic complications. The same is true with Fernando Amorsolo, a Filipino national artist who is famous for rural landscape paintings as well as Bernard Bonnin, a popular Filipino actor in the 1960s, and the father of Ms World Philippines and actress Charlene Gonzales.

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