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Fight Back Brain Attack

Posted on June 13, 2021 | No Comments on Fight Back Brain Attack

One of life’s greatest marvels is the human brain. It coordinates our thoughts, emotions, movement, behavior and sensation. In short, it directs all that we think, feel and do. Its billions of nerve cells are connected to the rest of the body through a network of specialized tissues called the nervous system.

Diabetes damages the nervous system quite frequently. About half of all people with diabetes may suffer from nerve damage. Signs of which may include dizziness on standing up, belly discomfort after a meal, numbness, tingling or pain in the hands and feet, and much more.

Diabetes can damage the brain. Two out of three people with diabetes die from heart disease and stroke. Various forms of dementia (loss of mental ability) such as Alzheimer’s are also strongly linked to diabetes.

Thankfully, harm to our little gray cells can be prevented. This issue is chockfull of brainsaving tips. Controlling blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol, as well as avoiding smoking and alcohol excess are nerve sparing essentials. Also, an aspirin a day may keep the stroke doctor away.

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