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Fiber Rich Foods in the Philippines

Whenever diet is talked about, fiber or dietary fiber is almost always included in the diet plan. What exactly is fiber? Fiber or roughage is a nutrient which is primarily functions for the proper digestion of food or the digestive tract. Fiber deficiency can lead to constipation (hard bower movement), hemorrhoids (excess skin in the anus), and high cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Excessive fiber on the other hand can lead to diarrhea (loose bowel movement), and dehydration. Hence fiber should also be taken in moderation and supplemented with drinking more water. Fiber is especially common in the diet of people trying to lose weight because fiber basically help a person feel full thereby hindering the appetite to eat more. Following are the top food which is high in fiber in the Philippines.

Rice (bran) Contrary to common belief, rice is actually rich in fiber especially brown unrefined rice and is good for the diet. It is also rich in vitamin B for the nerves.

Fruits. As a tropical country, the Philippines is rich in different types of fruits, which is also equally rich in fiber. Among the most popular fruits in the Philippines that are rich in fiber included mangoes, apples, banana, coconut, avocado, orange (citrus fruits), guava, lanzones, and macopa among others.

Vegetables. The Philippines is also endowed with different vegetables. The more fibrous vegetables are the green leafy vegetables like talbos ng kamote and kangkong, pechay, cabbage or repolyo, Broccoli, coaulif, Cauliflower and carrot and the many types of talbos in the Philippines.

Nuts are also a great source of fiber. Most nuts are rich in fiber. This included the typical “mani”, which comes in different styles, including fried, boiled and steamed. This also included pumpkin seeds or butong pakwan as well as sunflower seeds.

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