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Fern Paco Nutritional Value

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One of the indigenous vegetables that many Filipinos love to eat is known as Paco or Pako. With a scientific name, “Athyrium esculentum”. Paco or Fern is usually eaten raw as a vegetable salad by simply adding the paco leaves and stems with salted egg (itlog na maalat or na pula), onion and tomatoes. Because paco is eaten raw, this makes the fern all the more nutritious as heating vegetables tend to exterminate some of its natural nutrients.

Much like any other green leafy vegetable, paco is rich in fiber which is great for filling yourself up or addressing one’s hunger without worrying for calories and fats. However, the vegetable is in itself rich in other nutrients. In particular, Paco is rich in calcium which is especially known for supporting the formation of strong teeth and bones. The vegetable is also rich in the mineral phosphorous, which mainly helps in cell repair and burning fats and carbs for energy use. This makes paco a perfect diet recipe for people who are trying to lose weight or are maintaining a healthy sexy figure. Paco also helps in supply the body with iron, which is essentially, use to carry oxygen in the body. Iron deficiency can also result to goiter. Iron is also very helpful for pregnant women which helps in the development of body and brains of their babies. Paco is also rich in thiamine or more commonly known as Vitamin B, which is especially important for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Finally, the vegetable is also rich in Vitamin A which is needed for maintaining great eyesight as well as for achieving a young looking skin.

What makes paco attractive is its neutral flavor. It has no particular strong flavor that may be unpleasant but usually follows the flavor of the other food ingredients that you mix with it. This makes paco ideal to be served to children or for introducing your children with eating raw green leafy vegetables.

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