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Fatty Liver Medicine Philippines

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Fatty liver is a condition in which some of the liver cells are supplanted or replaced by fats which progressively lead to liver disease. People with fatty liver do not necessarily feel any type of symptoms that’s this disease is commonly unknown to the patient. It is therefore important for a person to undergo regular check up including ultrasound examination to check for fatty liver. Fatty liver is very common especially among men because it is primarily caused by excessive alcohol intake, obesity, high cholesterol, and diabetes, among others.

Following are fatty liver medicine in the Philippines.

Liver Chi Tea or capsule – is a tea or capsule composed of tradition organic Chinese herbs such as Schisandra chinensis, Bupleurum chinensis and Smilax glabra which are helpful for preventing fats accumulation in the liver, reduce liver enzymes and cleanse damaged liver by inciting bile flow to eradicate toxins from liveri and prevent absorption of cholesterol.

Liveraide – the popular herbal medicine endorsed by Filipino bad boy actor Robin Padilla. The capsule contains silymarin, a natural flavanoid which had shown to prevent liver diseases such as Hepatitis, Psiorasis and Cirrhosis by strengthening the outer membranes of the liver cells, to protect liver from toxins, chemicals and other pollutants and by stimulating protein synthesis liver regeneration and repair.

Lagundi or Vitex negundo – herbal capsule primarily containing lagundi which is a large shrub native to the Philippines and subtropical regions that is usually used for treating cough. The lagundi equally have health benefits for supporting healthy liver functions.

Liver Support Factors is a capsule whose herbal contents are similar to Liver Chi plus other nutraceuticals for supporting liver function.

Dr Christophers Liver & Gall Bladder – this capsule has a natural herbal formula for cleansing the liver and gall bladder.

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