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Father’s Bad Diet May Pass Diabetes to Daughters

Overweight fathers should start watching what they eat, lest they want to pass on diabetes to their daughters.

A recent research revealed that parents with a fatty diet could transfer several conditions – like insulin resistance and glucose intolerance – to their children. Using a group of rats on a high fat diet, the fathers who had unhealthy habits had daughters with abnormal cells that produce insulin. The obese rats mated and their female offspring were found to be with impaired glucose tolerance and insulin secretion.

The research indicates that the high-fat diet of the fathers affect their sperm, which then leads to adult-onset disease in the daughters. “Increasing evidence indicates an important biological role of fathers in obesity and metabolic programming of their offspring. Most human obesity seems to be related to complex gene environment interactions,” the study noted.
Dr. lain Frame, director of research at Diabetes UK, added “this neat piece of science shows for the first time, and independent of genetics, that a high fat diet in fathers can affect their female offspring and adds to the body of knowledge around the transmission of metabolic consequences.”

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