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Facts about Insulin Spray

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The concept of Insulin Spray was similar to like the ones asthmatic people use finally became a reality in the 1990’s. Like the inhaler, insulin spray is sprayed by a diabetic patient to take in fine insulin powder into lungs that in turn enters the blood through tiny blood vessels. This makes it more convenient for diabetics to administer insulin without the use of needles. Unfortunately, the nasal insulin spray has not received FDA approval for release because it is still under further study.

The insulin nasal spray has not yet perfected the administration of proper dosage of insulin on a consistent basis. While it eliminates the need for needles which appealing to many, the potential for users to overdose themselves with insulin is still very high because of the ease of administering it. This is one of its major drawbacks. In the insulin spray, the insulin is basically mixed with a peptide that will allow the insulin to be effectively absorbed into the bloodstream. One way to prevent overdose is to ensure correct dosage as per the bottle. The insulin spray provides diabetics with convenience of taking their insulin anywhere they choose.

Another major drawback of the insulin spray is the assurance that the insulin will last. For instance, diabetics who have sniffed the insulin and then sneezes may be unsure how much insulin was absorbed and sneezed out. Thus, the spray may not be recommended for diabetics with allergies. Finally, another concern among medical professionals in the insulin spray is the effect of insulin on the lungs. As of the moment, no official study has been released concerning the effect of insulin on the lungs that could otherwise eradicate fears of possible side effects or further complications that add to the problem of diabetics.

In spite of these problems however, a new study shows that insulin applied through nasal spray help retard the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, a memory-robbing disease that is common among the elderly.

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