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Facts About Colonoscopy

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Colonoscopy is a screening examination performed to look for colorectal cancer, or commonly known as colon cancer. This procedure allows the doctor to have a closer look at the insides of the entire colon and rectum to look for polyps or tumors which can be early signs of cancer. As the examination is performed, the doctor uses a thin tube, about the size of a finger. This tube is called colonoscope, a flexible, hollow and lighted tube with a tiny video camera at the end that is gently inserted inside the colon and sends pictures to a TV monitor. The procedure itself takes approximately thirty minutes, and patients are usually given medicines for them to relax or to sleep while the examination is being done.

Most patients do not find this procedure painful; however, there are some who experienced discomfort compared to others. Since patients are given medicine to relax and to sleep while the procedure is performed, they won’t feel anything. Still, small amounts of air are pumped into the colon during colonoscopy for the doctor to have a clearer view of the insides of the colon, and the air pressure can cause discomfort and cramping. Complications are also likely during colonoscopy, just like any other medical procedures and examinations. Patients may experience colon bleeding and puncture, although very uncommon, so patients who are undergoing this test should make sure that he or she understands how the procedure works and how he or she will feel afterwards. Most patients feel okay after the procedure, although the patient might feel a little dizzy because of the anesthesia. And because of the medicines that the patient has to take before the procedure is performed, the patient might need someone to drive him or her home.

Colonoscopy is performed by a doctor, a gastroenterologist who specializes in the digestive tract, or a surgeon. The examination is done in a private room, in the hospital’s outpatient department, a clinic or in the doctor’s office. Privacy is important, and the patient should discuss any concern regarding this with his or her doctor.

Colonoscopy is very important, because it can help people keep their health at bay and it can also save lives. Early detection of polyps in the colon which has a potential of becoming a cancer will make the patient aware of his or her condition and will be able to do something about it right away. If you are considering to undergo colonoscopy, you can ask your doctor about the best plan suited for you.

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