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Eye Scanner to monitor Blood Glucose now Underway

Diabetics may soon be using their eyes too to monitor their blood glucose at home. An eye scanner as big as a cellular phone is currently being developed in the United States by Oculir Inc. to help diabetics avoid painful pinprick tests to measure blood sugar levels.

Developers say the new technology uses infrared (IR) light to measure glucose levels from a scan of the white of the eye. To use it, diabetics only need to hold the device close to their eye to allow IR radiation to measure their glucose level.

The company said they have already tested the eye scanner in a small number of people and the results were good. They are now planning to test the product in a much larger population to be able to come up with a unit for commercial distribution.

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  1. boddhi Reply

    Truth behind Oculir – Hope for diabetics

    Check this news release! “US Patent Office ruled Oculir patent invalid”. I always thought this was a promising technology. The reason behind shut down technology is because their patent was based on someone else’s patents, a doctor form Yale.

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