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Experiencing Hypoglycemia?

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I would just like to ask if it is normal for a non-diabetic to experience hypoglycemic attacks? When I was young, I used to have bouts of hypoglycemia, and in order for me to get relieved from the attack, my mom would let me eat sweets, or a teaspoon of sugar, or let me drink Coke. When I asked her why I was experiencing those attacks, she answered that it may be due to my low blood sugar in the body, and that it may be sometimes triggered by a non conducive environment where I’m at, or because of too much exhaustion. What is the scientific truth behind hypoglycemia? Is it really likely to happen to normal people, or is it a sign that an individual has to visit a doctor or endocrinologist to check on his or her risk for diabetes?

Answer: Two types of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar can occur in people without diabetes—fasting and reactive hypoglycemia.

Reactive hypoglycemia typically occurs within 4 hours after a meal. The cause of many cases of reactive hypoglycemia is still disputed. Some theorize that certain people are just more sensitive to epinephrine, a hormone normally released by the body to combat hypoglycemia. Other researchers believe it is due to a lack of glucagon, another blood sugar-raising hormone.

Other proven causes of reactive hypoglycemia are quite rare. Stomach surgery and enzyme deficiencies, such as hereditary fructose intolerance, can also cause reactive hypoglycemia.

On the other hand, fasting hypoglycemia is diagnosed as a low blood sugar level below 50 mg/dL after an overnight fast, between meals, or after physical activity. Causes include certain medications, alcoholic drinks, critical illness, hormone deficiencies, certain childhood disorders, and endocrine tumors (such as an insulinoma).

Furthermore, hypoglycemia may be a sign that you are prone to developing diabetes or that you already have it. It would be wise for you to see your doctor or consult an endocrinologist. He or she will help you find out the cause for your symptoms. Sometimes, symptoms attributed to hypoglycemia (e.g., dizziness, weakness, anxiety, pounding heartbeat, cold sweats, etc.) are actually symptoms of other illnesses unrelated to blood sugar.

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