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Erectile Dysfunction Drug for Women

Diabetic women with sexual dysfunction may find that Viagra (sildenafil), the anti-erectile dysfunction drug marketed for men, may also help them improve arousal, orgasm and sexual enjoyment and may also decrease pain during intercourse, according to results of a study.

Study investigators hypothesize that the physiologic effects of Viagra, which are beneficial in men, may also be helpful for women.Women with diabetes may experience sexual dysfunction due to vaginal dryness, discomfort, and other factors.

For the study, the investigators recruited 32 women with type 1 diabetes with sexual dysfunction, but had experienced normal sexual desire in the past. These women were given Viagra or “inactive placebo” and then the opposite treatment for eight weeks at a time. They were likewise instructed to take the medication one hour before sexual intercourse.

Results of the trial show that Viagra was associated with significantly improved arousal, orgasm and enjoyment. Only sexual desire and frequency did not change significantly. The medication was also found to help improve blood flow in the clitoris.

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