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Egg-breakfast Helps Improve Weight Loss

Eating eggs for breakfast instead of another food with the same calorie count will more likely lead to weight loss in overweight people, according to new research. Researchers compared an egg-breakfast with a bagel-based breakfast of the same weight and calorie content, and found that the egg-breakfast “induced greater satiety and significantly reduced shortterm food intake.”

The women who ate the egg breakfast (consisting of two scrambled eggs, two slices of toast, and one tablespoon of reduced calorie fruit spread) reported greater levels of satiety or a feeling of fullness and consumed 164 calories less for lunch, and an additional 400 calories less over the next 36 hours.
It is well known that eggs have a 50 percent higher satiety index or that it is 50 percent more filling than regular breakfast cereals, which is believed to be because of the egg’s high protein content.

Investigators of the study, nevertheless concluded that protein content was not the sole factor why an egg-breakfast is more filling, because the fat content of an egg breakfast is also high. Calories from fat have been associated with a greater feeling of hunger and food intake. Although they did not describe the potential mechanism as to the satiety effect of eggs, the researchers said that the satiety of various foods is impacted by other factors and not just simple macronutrient 3 composition.

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