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Eating Fish can reduce Diabetes Risk

Hold it with that huge chunk of steak!

Consider having fish instead because researchers have found that eating fish leads to smaller risk of diabetes, while consuming too much red meat leads to higher risk of obesity and greater weight gain which may result in other diseases.

Mercedes Sotos Prieto, together with other researchers, found that in the Valencian Community in Spain, people were fond of eating large amounts of both red meat and fish.

Among the respondents (340 men and 605 women aged 55 to 80) who were at risk for cardiovascular disease, the majority ate red meat on an average of more than once a day. Researchers believe this is due to food such as grilled veal. However, consumption of excess amounts of meat is linked to more life dangers such as higher cardiovascular risk, higher blood pressure, diabetes, and a decrease in life expectancy mainly due to cancer or heart disease.

On a better light, since fish is a main part of the Mediterranean diet, the population is likely to have lower glucose concentrations and less chances of acquiring diabetes.

Even if the study did not focus on the underlying effects of these results, the researchers confirmed that there are various studies linking Omega-3 found in fish to lowered risk of diabetes as the skeletal muscles have improved insulin sensitivity. With these findings, Prieto emphasized the importance of learning the dietary habits of people in the community so that in case they (the researchers) notice changes in eating patterns, they know when to strengthen dietary education among the residents.

“We ought to establish dietary intervention programs, so that we do not stray from the Mediterranean die . In other words, such a diet involves decreasing the amount of red meat that we eat and maintaining equal levels of fish consumption,” she added.

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