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Earth-friendly Tech

Posted on February 20, 2020 | No Comments on Earth-friendly Tech

Gadgets have become this generation’s ubiquitous figure. Much like a famous mouse in four-fingered gloves created by Walt Disney, gadgets can now be seen everywhere, in all shapes and sizes. There are the bulky DSLRs, hanging down people’s necks like a morbid accessory; the laptops, slowly invading coffee shop tables and mall benches; the iPhones, iPods, MP3 players and the countless touch-screen devices that, when combined, could light up a whole theater and ruin everyone’s viewing experience. Yes, gadgets have also made their way into the office setting, on the screen of a bored employee’s iPad, waiting for rush hour to end by flicking a birdendlessly through the air with a virtual slingshot.

Gadgets are used for entertainment, information, and most importantly, communication. But can they also be used to save the Earth?

Sounds like a tall order. How can a device no bigger than a pocketbook save something as big and encompassing as Mother Nature? With the help of the latest green applications and innovations, this scenario is definitely possible. Innovators have come up with a set of eco-friendly gadgets and products that deliver the same performance, but with the bonus of being considerate to nature. And while the impact may not be too obvious in the large scale, itdefinitely puts one foot inside the door on your way to becoming an eco-warrior.
Below are some examples of these responsible gadgets, for your consideration:

iBamboo iPhone Speaker
Listen to music in style with the iBamboo iPhone Speaker, made entirely of bamboo. Because it is all-natural, the device remains light and supple, making it easy to carry around. It works much like a megaphone, amplifying sound through both ends without having to use electricity. The natural look of the iBamboo makes it an ideal mantelpiece or garden decoration, if you wish to listen to music by the veranda.

Pros: Apart from saving electricity, the natural look of the bamboo makes it a classy ornament
Cons: The sound quality may not be the same as its’ electric counterparts.

Water-Powered Clock
A gadget’s “natural enemy” has now become the thing that powers it. The new water-powered clock makes use of tap water as a natural source of energy, generating power through electrolytic cells and the water’s electrons. Simply pour water into these eco-clocks and they will spring into action, lasting for as long as three months until it needs to be refilled. The transparent body of the clock, showing all the bubbles inside, also makes it seem like it is entirely made out of liquid. Mindblowing.

Pros: Sustainable energy and a classy, simplistic look
Cons: May be a bit large for your taste—the actual clock is 6″ high

Solar reading light
Too often do we fall asleep while reading a book, leaving the reading lights on until the filament inside the bulb burns. Apart from having to spend for a replacement, precious electricity is also wasted. Not anymore. The Solar Reading light makes for a great alternative, minus the guilt of forgetting to turn off the lights. This device harnesses the sun’s natural energy to keep it lit. It can be set down or clipped on a book, making reading easier on the eyes and on the utility bill.

Pros: Can be clipped on to the hardbound cover, properly illuminating those small fonts.
Cons: For those who like to read during the night, the stored energy tends to run out quickly, without a natural light source.

With a little innovation, an ounce of creativity and a whole lot of love for our environment, we can turn everyday gadgets into more a responsible version of themselves, lessening the strain on our planet while still enjoying the gift of technology.

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