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Driving Mishaps links Low Blood Sugar

Dr. Daniel J. Cox and his colleagues from the University of Virginia found that bouts of low blood sugar are more likely to lead to unsafe driving among people with diabetes.  In fact, of the 452 adult drivers who were included in their study, 52 percent reported at least one driving mishap when they have low blood sugar.

The authors also found that drivers checked their blood sugar 30 minutes prior to having some sort of driving mishap about 35 percent of the time.  In 78 percent of these times, blood sugar readings were less than 90 mg/dL.  In 48 percent of these times, readings were less than 70 mg/dL.

Moreover, in addition to the 52 percent who reported at least one low blood sugar-related driving mishap, some participants also confessed that their low blood sugar-related driving mishap includes being zoned out or becoming disoriented, being stopped by police, or having someone else take over driving.

Hence, Dr. Cox’s advice for diabetics with low blood sugar is to immediately stop driving, eat fast-acting sugar, and wait for their blood sugar to rise before continuing driving.

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