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Dr. Litonjua Recieves award in U.S.

Augusto D. Litonjua, MD, FACE, was presented the International Clinician Award by the American College of Endocrinology (ACE) at its Convocation during the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) Annual Meeting and Clinical Congress in San Diego.

The International Clinician Award is given to a clinical endocrinologist practicing outside of the US in recognition of delivering outstanding care to endocrine patients; delivering care to a population of patients with endocrine problems; developing a system of care for an endocrine problem; organizing clinical endocrinologists; effecting social changes that lead to improved care for the endocrine patient; and educating the public about endocrine problems. Dr. Litonjua was nominated for this award because of his dedication to patients, his commitment to education, and his exceptional leadership in the field of endocrinology.

“I am greatly honored by this award—for the term ‘International’ alone carries with it the connotation of its awesomeness,” said Dr. Litonjua. “I accept this award in the name of my wife and children who have supported me, in the name of the people who helped me in my professional career, and in the name of the Filipino Endocrinologists who are spreading the gospel of endocrinology and diabetes education in the country. I shall hold dearest this award—humility aside, I have been honored by several, but this is the one I shall treasure the most.”

Dr. Litonjua is Emeritus Professor of the College of Medicine, University of the Philippines and fondly called the “Father of Philippine Endocrinology”. He retired as Professor and Chairman of Physiology and Clinical
Professor of Medicine and Chief of Endocrinology, Department of Medicine in 1986. Dr. Litonjua now devotes his time to the clinical practice of endocrinology in three hospitals – Makati Medical Center, Asian Hospital and Medical Center, and Manila Doctors Hospital. He was Chairman of Medicine and Chief of Endocrinology in the first two Hospitals. He also runs the foundation he set up – Diabetes Center Philippines which conducts activities to create awareness for diabetes countrywide, conducts training sessions for diabetes educators from hospitals throughout the country (now more than 60 such centers) and he runs a camp for type 1 diabetics annually.

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