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Dr. Florence Amorado Santos

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Dr. Florence Amorado Santos is one of the renowned doctor in the Philippines who is well accepted as an authority in diabetes and diabetic care. He is a member of the Philippine Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism (PSEM) was founded in 1962 and worked as assistant secretary of the Philippine chapter of AACE (American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists).

Founded in 1991, AACE is non governmental organization committed to the principles of patient care, education and clinical research in Endocrinology, a medicine dealing with the endocrine system, hormones and related its diseases. Dr. Santos is primarily interested in Glucose homeostasis disorders particularly diabetes.
The AACE Philippine Chapter was founded in 2006. Among the advocacies of AACE to which Dr. Amorado Santos is active campaigner is the Power of Prevention Through Fitness and Nutrition (POPTFN). This program adheres to instill awareness to children as early as 12 years old about the importance of nutrition and exercise in combating diseases such as diabetes. Dr Amorado Santos along with his comrades in AACE launched this campaign to curb the alarming incidence of diabetes in the Philippines which continuous to rise rapidly and victimizing younger children.

According to some studies, there are children as young as 7 years old who are now insulin dependent. Thus there is a clear need to intensify efforts to increase public awareness on how to prevent, detect and manage diabetes including the younger generation, who becomes especially at risk because of the unhealthful practices of modern lifestyle including sedentary activities due to computers and the prevalence of fast food and processed food. Incidentally, Dr. Amorado Santos will be one of the guest speaker in the 46th DiabetesWorkshop and 11th Diabetes Forum Hotel Pontefino, Batangas City held last October 2012. He lectured about Microvascular Complications.

One of the specializations of Dr. Amorado Santos is the conduct of surgery to diabetic patients because there are especial requirements that diabetics need before, during and after the surgery. This is especially addressed for surgical procedures commonly done to diabetic patients such as knee amputation and debridement.

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