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Dogs trained to monitor Blood Sugar Levels

If digital glucose meters seem too static and boring, why not get a cute, cuddly, and barking one instead?

Aside from detecting illegal drugs, hidden bombs, and disaster survivors, dogs are now being trained to sniff for changes in a patient’s blood sugar levels and alert caregivers to administer medication to the patient when necessary. This is especially helpful for diabetic children since they usually are not yet wary of their condition to monitor their own blood sugar.

When blood glucose levels are high, a patient’s breath tends to smell fruity. This is what these canines watch out for. Once they detect the sugar increase, they can alert the child’s parents or teachers through whatever means they are trained to do such as taking the glucose testing kit to the parents.

For the family of Lily Simonton, a diabetic five-year-old from North Texas for example, having their dog Charlie look after their child gives them peace of mind. Lily herself sees Charlie as more than just a pet or a best friend as it literally saves her life.

More than being a living glucose meter for the child, the dog becomes a constant companion that can protect him or her in more ways than one.

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