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Does Squid Cause Hypertension?

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Squid does not cause hypertension. However, squid is one of the foods described to have high calories, and should be eaten in moderation.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a condition in which the blood pressure pumped by the heart is constantly elevated. The direct cause of hypertension is unknown but several factors can contribute the risk of getting hypertension. These include smoking, Obesity having diabetes, lack of physical activity, a sedentary lifestyle and having diabetes.

Since obesity is one of the major factors that increases the risk of having hypertension, it is a common notion for people to think that food with are high in cholesterol can cause hypertension. Among the different sea foods, squid is one of those food which have high cholesterol content. A 3.5 oz. single serving of squid approximately contains 230mg cholesterol. That is just 70 mg away from our recommended ideal intake of dietary cholesterol which is around 300 mg. The cholesterol of squid is further increased because of the oil as the Fried squid called calamari, is the most popular dish which involves cooking the squid.

In other words, while squid does not directly cause hypertension, this sea food should be eaten in moderation because of its high cholesterol content. However, squid is generally safe to eat. Instead of refraining from eating squid, people who are conscious of avoiding having hypertension should avoid foods such as processed meats, canned goods, ready to eat dishes (like instant soups), Sugar-sweetened beverages like sodas and powdered juices, Bouillon MSG and other condiments, among others. Apart from a healthy diet, one should also engage in regular physical exercise or activities and refrain from bad habits like smoking and drinking.

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