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Diabetics and Dentures

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Diabetics are generally advised not to wear dentures to prevent the possibility of getting oral candida or thrush, a fungal or yeast infection that is prevalent among diabetics wearing dentures. Diabetics who wear dentures often suffer from candida infection problems controlling your blood glucose levels can result to dry mouth and decreased saliva flow.

Diabetes can cause the salivary glands to generate less saliva, causing dry mouth. Dry mouth causes tooth decays and gum scratches because of the lack of saliva which helps in lubricating gums. Dry gums make it difficult for denture wearers to keep their dentures in place. They are susceptible to have denture sores and the tongue sticking to the roof of the mouth or palate. This makes diabetics who wear dentures become prone to gum scrapes or abrasion. Moreover, high blood glucose levels help germs to build up on teeth and gums, which make diabetics more susceptible to yeast and fungal infection in the mouth such as oral candida or thrush.

Oral candida or thrush appear as red or white patches all over the mouth and causes a burning feeling which makes swallowing difficult. This infection can be diagnosed by a physician or dentist. In case of infection, doctors or dentists would often prescribed antifungal medication or drugs applied locally or taken as pills to treat the infection. Dentures should also be cleansed by soaking it with anti-fungal medication.

To prevent oral candida especially among diabetics who wear dentures, patient should drink water regularly, maintain a good oral hygiene and maintain balance blood sugar levels. It is also advised that they remove their dentures every night.

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